DRN Conference 2010

DRN 2010 Conference Programme and Summaries

The final programme from the recent DRN Annual Conference that took place in Brighton can be found here, along with a variety of summaries, images, presentation slides of the events that took place throughout the day. This will be added by the various presentors in the coming months….so watch this space!

Below is the final programme from the recent DRN Annual Conference at Brighton. We will be adding summaries and images and/or presentation slides as we receive them.

Drawing Research Network Annual Conference 2010
14th September 2010 University of Brighton, Grand Parade Campus

10.30 Welcome by Steve Garner – Sallis Benney Theatre
10.35 Keynote address: Professor Deanna Petherbridge
12.00 SESSION ONE Parallel workshops:

  • Kate Walters: Drawing as a way to open the door to expanded consciousness
    David Griffin: Utility of notations
  • Doris Rohr: Kinaesthetic awareness and mapping space
  • Angela Brew: assisted by Patrick Tresset (AIKON project)   Drawing and Cognition
    Andrea Kantrowitz: Gesture studies
  • Jim Butler: The subjective process of drawing
    Tom Jones: Writing Drawings
  • Lynne Langton: Drawing in Context ALL DAY DRAWING ACTIVITY IN FOYER

1.00   LUNCH
2.00 – 3.00   SESSION TWO Parallel workshops:

  • Amanda Roberts: Extended drawing as a tool of enquiry
    Juliet MacDonald: Paradoxical aspects of drawing as enquiry
  • Bettina Reiber: Being-in-the-World and drawing
    Karen Wallis & Jac Saorsa: Drawing the ‘Other’
  • Jill Gibbon: Radical Reportage
    Jenny Soep: Drawing the Experience
  • Luce Choules: Off the map
    Sarah Casey: Invisible lines and parallel practice

3.45   Poster Prize – Plenary session and round up
4.30   Drinks Reception

The Conference team would like to acknowledge the support of the University of Brighton Faculty of Arts and Centre for Learning & Teaching, Learn Higher Centre of Excellence, the Open University, Derwent and Intellect books.